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Recent Works (April 2017)

  작년 겨울부터 지금까지 저는 TV 시리즈 제작 프로젝트에 참여하고 있습니다. 위 사진은 바로 이 프로젝트에 사용될 금속관절뼈대의 바디 부분입니다. 딱 보기에도 손톱만큼 작은 크기입니다. 사실 제가 뼈대 제작을 시작한 17년 전만 하더라도 이런 사이즈는 제작할 엄두도 내지 못했습니다. 저렇게 작은 부품을 완성해서 손바닥에 올려놓고 보고 있으면 헛웃음이 납니다. 이런 부품을 만드는 데 사용하는 기계의 […]

Winkle Bear’s new episode

Tuba Entertainment has released a new episode of Winkle Bear series. Its stop-motion animation work was produced by Comma Studio in South Korea. Comma is currently working on this series, planning to complete three more episodes this year.  

Hand Armature for Kia motors AD

This year, I had some clients asking me to make a hand armature. Earlier this year, I made a TINY hand armature for the Quay Brothers. And last month, I made a real-size hand armature for Kia Motors commercial series. In the Kia commercials, this hand turns into a puppet and dance. Its fingers move […]

Wingcle Bear

‘Wingcle Bear’ is an animal character created by Tuba Entertainment in South Korea, which is well-known for a computer-animated series <Larva>. I have been working on a stop-motion animation series of it since this summer. Here’s the first episode. (Stop-motion series are producing in Comma Studio)  


The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama in Japan is hosting an exhibition titled “PHANTŒM MUSÆMS” by the Quay Brothers from July 23 to October 10, 2016. The exhibition will travel around the country for two years, and Hayama is the starting point of its journey. The other day the Quays and I were communicating each […]

Customized brass nuts

This is a picture of customized brass nuts, which are used as supplementary parts for rigging. I usually make my armatures in various materials including alloys of steel and aluminum as well as brass. Some clients specifically order brass armatures. Brass is highly machinable and offers greater corrosion resistance than steel. It is also easy […]

Mermaid armature

In early 2015 I made a mermaid armature for an NFTS (National Film and Television School, UK) graduation film titled Fishwitch directed by Adrienne Dowling. Adrienne told me that the film will soon start screening in festivals. I’ll post the link for the trailer when it comes out. The trickiest thing about this character was […]

Tiny Part of Hinge Joints

  These days I’m working on a project for a studio in the U.K. I’ve recently made a prototype of little hand armatures specifically for this project. This tiny item is a machined part of a hinge joint for a finger. Making an item this small and thin is really a pain in the ass.

A new episode of ‘Botos’

Botos is a stop-motion animation series created by Comma Studio in South Korea. Its cute characters are based on three cats Director Heeyoung Lee has at home. Director Lee originally started posting web comics about these cats on her blog, and then moved on to make the animated series. The story centers around the hilarious […]

The smallest one so far

This is an armature for a mouse character in a newly released feature, Chieri and Cherry. For this Japanese animation, I’ve made various types of armatures including humanoids, four- and two-legged animals in different sizes from about 5cm to 50cm. It was quite time-consuming to make various types of armatures in a small quantity. Yet […]