What Pros Say About Wuchan’s Armatures

“Hallelujah! to Wuchan Kim’s beautiful armatures. He is a very gifted artist with a deep understanding of puppets and their movements, and he gives you admirable and experienced advice along with his immaculate artistry and craftsmanship.”

The Quay Brothers (USA, UK)Directors, animators & filmmakersFilmography

“It is very well made. It is small, strong and has good adjustable joints for animating. The machine work is excellent – as good as i’ve seen on any armatures.”

Will Vinton (USA)Director, producer & founder of Will Vinton StudiosFilmography

When I first laid my hands on the armature for puppet by Master Wuchan Kim, their stability and light weight were a pleasant surprise with each group and assembly virtually a work of art. It was at first sight that I believed that this Master is able to raise to new heights both Cheburashka and his friends, living on the screen since the 1960s. The Cheburashka international project, launched in Russia and Belarus, has indeed been brought to an acclaim by the Korean and Japanese animators.

Art-designer of international project Cheburashka (2007-2012)

Кал я першыню зя у рук канструкцы для лялек майстры Вучана Кма, я бы здзлены х лёгкасцю стойлвасцю. Кожны вузел, кожная дэталь был нжынерным шэдэрам. Я адразу ж паверы: гэты чалавек можа даць Чабурашку яго сябрам, якя жывуць на экране з 60-х гадо мнулага стагоддзя, новую ступень свабоды. нтэрнацыянальны праект “Чабурашка”,як пачынася  Расе  Беларус, завершаны карэйскм  японскм анматарам, гэта блскуча пацвердз.

Мастак-пастаношчык мiжнароднага праекту Чабурашка (2007-2012)

Mikhail Tumelya (Belarus)Director & animator at BelarusFilm StudioFilmography

“The armatures that are being offered by Wuchan are a truly beautiful and functional design. Wuchan has achieved in a short time the level of animator friendly functionality that i tried to put into my armatures. Any animator would be pleased to animate one of these.”

Jamie Haggerty (USA)Former armature specialist at Will Vinton StudiosFilmography
김우찬 감독의 관절뼈대 Armature Wuchan KIm

“Animate with a Wuchan’s armature helps me concentrate on the acting.”

김우찬 감독의 관절뼈대 Armature Wuchan KIm

“Wuchan has achieved in a short time the level of animator friendly functionality that i tried to put into my armatures”


Hirokazu Minegishi (JAPAN)Stop-motion animator at Dwarf StudioFilmography

Work with wuchan´s armatures is an enjoyment, are very well done and the movements are very smooth. I can tell the difference when animating with another type of armatures. They are the best ones than I have used.

Trabajar con las armaduras de Wuchan es un goce, estn muy bien hechas y los movimientos resultan muy suaves. Puedo notar la diferencia al animar con otro tipo de armaduras. Son las mejores que he usado.

Hugo Covarrubias Alvarez (CHILE)Director at Zumbastico StudiosFilmography

Great armatures! The craftsmanship and materials in Wuchans armatures are grade A. They are well made, high quality and easy to modify or adjust. Wuchan has great communication skills, technical/artistic know-how and delivery was swift and impeccable.

Mikael Lindbom (SWEDEN)CEO & Producer of Dockhus AnimationFilmography

“These are some of the finest ball-and-socket armatures i have ever seen. They are extremely well made, very high quality and easy to modify and adjust.”

John Logue (USA)Former director at Will Vinton StudiosFilmography

“These armatures are simply a delight. Well-machined, easy to use and adjust, and the modular design makes them infinately adaptable. One of the best armatures ever.”

Doug Aberle (USA)Director & founder of Aberle FilmFilmography

“Animate with a Wuchan’s armature helps me concentrate on the acting, instead of trying to keep the puppet in place. his armatures work perfect, are beautiful.”

Rene Castillo (MEXICO)Producer & director at Mandaraka ProductionFilmography

“The craftsmanship and materials in Wuchan’s armatures are the first class.”

Steve Oakes (USA)Director & Producer, Co-founder of Curious PictureFilmography

“Wuchan’s armatures are a joy to work with. Very easy to animate with. I defy you to find a better armature at this price anywhere in the world. Kudos to Wuchan Kim & his wonderfully animatable articullated armatures.”

Gary Schwartz (USA)Director, animator & educator at Single Frame FilmsYoutube

“Wuchan’s armatures are very well made, smooth, accurate, in one word, professional. The modular design is nothing less than brilliant. Although these armatures are build for professionals, they have a price tag amateurs and students can afford.”

Jean Poulot (FR, USA)Director & former master animator at Will Vinton StudiosFilmography

“I can say only the best things about the Wuchan’s armatures. They are lightweight and elegant, but strong enough and perfectly manufactured. Wuchan’s modular design is practical and highly efficient ( I ordered two sets of the same design, so I discovered I can also interchange some parts to produce different body proportions for some supporting characters ). I’m in the middle of shooting my short movie, and having such a professional armatures makes it all easier.”

David P. Bonnot (CROATIA)Illustrator & animator
김우찬 감독의 관절뼈대 Armature Wuchan KIm

“Wuchan’s armatures are a joy to work with. Very easy to animate with.”